Accidental Discovery Causes Me to Accidentally Lose Half My Belly Fat!

V.LEAN Weight Loss Pills Helped Me Cut My Belly Fat by I Would Say 35% to 50% even as Measured by Hand Grab When Bending Over.

And I Did Not Intent to Lose that Much Fat, Belly Fat! I Was Actually trying to Save What I had Left on My Belly for More Experiments!  

But No… V.LEAN Just Had to Work Super Well Thereby Messing Up My Fat Belly to Be Used for My “Guinea Pig” Testing !

First of all I did not use a real guinea pig. I was planning on using the fat I have left on my belly which was still kinda chunky and was more than a hand grab, for other work out experiments! 

But to my surprise these V.LEAN  weight loss pills worked super well and I did not expect that!   I was just testing them out to see how they felt.  Ooops!   I think most people would actually like to have that kind of “oops”.   So why did it work?

 It totally destroyed whatever cravings for junk I still had left  and it just made me only want to eat high nutrient dense natural foods and only organic.  I thought that was super interesting.  I totally lost it taste for junk.  And junk made me have a stomach ache on top of that (like junky meats, dairy, wheat and even  whey protein powder.  I only liked or felt good,  assimilated plant-based protein powder well.)

And I forgot to mention this all happened in 10 days!   My abs started coming in!   I was trying to NOT have them come in yet  since I had to test out some of our  new fat-burning systems!

So I figured I’d blog post about it maybe you would appreciate this information.

Is V.LEAN a “Magic Pill”?   

I don’t know and I would not use that type of terminology but it was quite surprising how well it worked for me and I again I wasn’t trying to actually use it systematically.   And also keep in mind that V.LEAN  worked well for me and my current state of average eating habits which weren’t terrible.    I’m sure it will have different impacts on different people but… V.LEAN weight loss pills does target to the fundamental root causes to why people are so fat and swollen these days so hey maybe it could work or at least help you,  assist you in your weight loss efforts.  Maybe you could  have results similar to me.  Who knows.  You’ll only know if you see for yourself.   Maybe V.LEAN  can give you that boost to get over the hump and finally just start making really fast progress in your dieting and fat burning cardio etc.

 I can only tell you my experience and it is good.  And I’ve only used it for 10 days so far although I think I’m going to  stop because I’m losing too much belly fat that I need to keep,  keep at least for now.   I know some of you guys think that sounds crazy.   But I have fat burning programs that we have created that I need to personally test so that’s why.

 And when your appetite changes so drastically because of the powerful nutritional ingredients,  The herbal  and Foods based extracts in V.LEAN  that have a lot of really positive clinical studies on them just so you know,   help even long-term change your cravings.   I’ll have to go into more details on that later.


If you want more info on V.LEAN weight loss pills check it out here.