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Anti Viral and Anti Blood Clotting Suramin, Shikimic Acid – from Pine Needles, Pine Needle Tea is Being Reported as the Antidote that Those “in the Know” Are Using to Prevent Viral Spreads Problems Caused By Direct Injection of Such Viruses and Monster Maker Tech and the Shedding of thoseContinue Reading

Collagen Supplementation for Skin Health & Looking Younger… Download Your Free Guide… Access Our Guide For Incredible Strategies In Collagen Boosting Throughout The Body – FREE – Click the Download Button Below to Get Started! Discover How To Reverse Aging Looking Years Younger With Smarts Collagen Supplementation. Discover Concepts InContinue Reading

Bovine Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen Peptides, Chicken Collagen Peptides, Eggshell Collagen Peptides, Avian Sternum Collagen Peptides All in One Capsule… Collagen peptides are full, original source collagen that is broken down into smaller parts that make the collagen more quickly digestible and assimilable. Look at the different types of collagenContinue Reading

  “Effects of anabolic precursors on serum testosterone concentrations and adaptations to resistance training in young men” Here’s a study below which is interesting. Look at the ingredients used. Of particular interest in this research was 625 mg Chrysin in the dosage which is associated with boosting testosterone on itsContinue Reading

Collagen For Joint Pain?  You Bet! Check Out This Clinical Study Below with AMAZING Results! And why wouldn’t collagen supplementation help joint pain?  Your joints are made of collagen! Joint pain is a big problem for a lot of us out there!  There are many fundamentals and factors that goContinue Reading

Which are the Best Collagen Pills?  What Makes it Great? Well would have to say our own because we use them and we have much experience with them. Also we have many happy customers that are also repeat customers. Why our Collegen PRO collagen capsules? Because they’re very excellently madeContinue Reading

Collagen Supplement for Bone Strength Special Coupon – Register to Get i. It comes in your email. 2. Register for FREE Collagen Education Course The collagen optimization course has been broken up into a series of emails and then goes onto anti-aging educatinal newsletter. Continue reading Collagen Supplement for BoneContinue Reading

Fat Storage Blocker Protocol Kit – for Helping You Lose Weight Faster or Helping You Reduce Damage Upon “Pigging Out” on Some Naughty Foods… When trying to lose weight and burn off excess body fat, blocking excess body fat storage while in the process of trying to burn off excessContinue Reading

Collagen Supplement for Weight Loss & Gut Health       Have you seen the stories out there how collagen  supplementation has helped many people lose weight automatically? It’s quite fascinating. Of course that depends on your type of collagen and frequency of use in regards to how that willContinue Reading

Many people are shocked when they finally realize that their eyeballs are not little robot machines, or inanimate objects  in their heads but they are actually living organisms that need nutrients and specific types of nutrients in order to regenerate and regenerate to excellent levels. But once you realize thatContinue Reading

Collagen Supplement for a Youthing Habit for Repair & Reverse The Damage Caused By Aging And Bad Habits Over Time… Enter your name and email below to get started now… Get Instant Access We value your privacy and will never spam you Continue reading Collagen Supplement for Getting on aContinue Reading

A collagen peptide is a collagen proteins broken down into smaller parts. A peptide is considered to have a chain of amino acids between 2 and 50. Proteins can be much bigger. The concept is that when one takes peptides instead of the whole form collagen, it should more easilyContinue Reading

The Best Collagen for Skin is Type I and Type III. Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair. Type 3 Collagen – Type III – provides elasticity which is important for skin tightness and a youthful look inContinue Reading

Best collagen for wrinkles would be a combination of exterior collagen stimulation and interior collagen stimulation. The types of collagen the folks on be type I and type III. This is usually and the Marine collagen and chicken collagen. These can be found in powder forms of UNIX into aContinue Reading

Collagen supplementation is that a new breakthrough in antiaging and health boosting. Men and women around the world are noticing the efficiency and speed at which smart collagen supplementation can help regenerate the skin into a more youthful look. There are many factors involved with looking younger. But in termsContinue Reading

Amazing 6.3% Body Fat Reduction and 16.2% Off Waistline Clinical Study with African Mango! In a 10-week study (DB-RCT) of 120 overweight volunteers, African mango supplements significantly reduced weight, body fat (6.3% avg.) and waistline circumference (16.2% avg.) [10]. In this study the participants received only 150 mg of AfricanContinue Reading

What Are the Best Supplements for “Man Boobs”? What are man boobs?  There are different classifications of man boobs or what appears to be man boobs.   You know what man boobs are! They are a flabby appearance of the chest area in various shapes and sizes that get people toContinue Reading

Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements and Why – Review Looking for Faster Weight Loss without Wasting Time Trying to Figure Out What Works? DOWNLOAD OUR TOP 5 WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENTS CHEAT SHEET.  TAP OUR 30 PLUS YEARS EXPERIENCE IN HEALTH, FITNESS, PERSONAL TRAINING, BODY BUILDING PLUS WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEMS &Continue Reading

Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements and Why – Download Looking for Faster Weight Loss without Wasting Time Trying to Figure Out What Works? DOWNLOAD OUR TOP 5 WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENTS CHEAT SHEET.  TAP OUR 30 PLUS YEARS EXPERIENCE IN HEALTH, FITNESS, PERSONAL TRAINING, BODY BUILDING PLUS WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEMS &Continue Reading

Weak Eyes that Need Glasses or… Starving Eyes that Just Can’t Keep Up Due to Clogged “Plumbing” and Chronic Starvation, Preventing Your Eyes from Regenerating into Perfect Form?….  Find Out!   Sign up! Register to Gain Instant Access!  Start Learning Secrets About What Causes Weak Eye and What Causes POWERFUL Eyes! Continue Reading

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A lot of people forget that their eyes are living things, that the eyes are living tissue. They do not consider that the eyes actually need a consistent supply of nutrients in order to regenerate well into shape. So they feed their eyes low-grade food that actually go into breakingContinue Reading

Collagen Supplement for Reversing Aging Collagen for Anti-Aging, for Reversing the Appearance of Aging? Does it Work? Collagen is the GLUE of the body. Collagen holds your skin together so you don’t leak. When you lack collagen your skin starts to break down, become lose, flabby, baggy and wrinkly looking.Continue Reading

African Mango Complex ULTRA Weight Loss Drops Formula Potent weight loss formula for helping making weight loss easier. Don’t like swallowing pills? Weight loss drops makes it easy! Help release stored body fat to help accelerate weight loss! Non-stimulant weight loss formula. 120 servings per bottle! YES. I WANT TOContinue Reading

Watch Joint Pain Disappear with Collagen Supplementation? Collagen Supplementation for Joint Pain? Most Certainly. Find Out How… Get More Info! Almost There 50% Enter your email below to get started now… GET INSTANT ACCESS We value your privacy and will never spam you Continue reading Collagen Supplement for Joint RebuildingContinue Reading

Great Weight Loss Supplements – Some of the Best in the Industry We have some the most solid and brilliantly formulated weight loss supplements in the industry. we think that you’ll be able to agree with that statement as you try and use our various weight loss supplements in yourContinue Reading

What is the Best Weight Loss Supplement? The best weight loss supplement is one that will firstly kickstart you into wanting to get into fat burning mode. What’s that burning mode? It’s a concept we get from the bodybuilding world where bodybuilders need to go into fat burning mode inContinue Reading

Collagen Supplementation – A New Weapon In Our Arsenal For Battling Weak Bones, “Osteoporosis”, “Osteopenia”…. Weak and brittle bones can sneak up on you, man and woman. If the disease name osteoporosis or osteopenia is most often associated with women due to post menopausal issues but can also be associatedContinue Reading

  L glutamine supplementation is a favorite thing to do by bodybuilders who look to recuperate, regenerate more quickly. L glutamine is an amino acid. It’s in many foods but the supplementation of L-glutamine helps boost and amplifiy the ability to use L glutamine to regenerate and repair muscle tissuesContinue Reading

There Are Many Nutrients That Was The Immune System And Boost The Immune System Strongly But Here Are Some Of The Tops… Powerful Immune Boost Support Formula Garlic Elderberry Turmeric Vitamin C Zinc Vitamin E Vitamin B6 L-Glutamine Probiotics Now the nice thing about our V.IMMUNITY X – The HammerContinue Reading

Collagen For Stronger Bones? Of Course! Your Bones Are Made Mostly Of Collagen! So with collagen supplementation you are getting the correct amino acid ratios that your body needs to make the certain types of collagen that you need in the body. Your body cannot make its own collagen withoutContinue Reading

Maybe You Don’t Have as Much of a Memory Problem as a Nutrient Deficiency, Lack of Sleep and Poor Diet Problem Instead. Your brain is a living organism. It must be fed, optimized and cleaned.  Also it does not do well when fed toxins, dirt, things that clog it upContinue Reading

What Are the Best Fat Burners for Men? In my opinion… I would look to use firstly the Velocity INCINERATOR Ultra Fat Burner Supplement – Weight Loss Supplement then I would looked you also use that in conjunction with a good Smart Diet like Velocity LEAN Diet and I canContinue Reading

Turmeric supplementation is associated with now over 600 clinically studied benefits according to a Green Med Info research article.   Turmeric supplementation especially its extract of curcumin has been studied for a variety of benefits and have been using a variety of protocols with many of these protocols stating that theyContinue Reading

Glucosamin Supplementation and Vitamin E Supplementation for Reducing Inflammation and Increasing Regeneration….? Joint pain stinks. Weak joints can be miserable and anointing really inhibiting living life to the maximum. I know from experience.  And it’s great news find discoveries like this out of which we can then look to developContinue Reading

What’s the Best Immune Supplement?    Well you’ll have different opinions on the matter.  But since we have a lot of experience with using supplements for boosting the immune system and avoiding getting sick one of the Best Immune Supplement formulas is one we actually have: V.IMMUNITY X – The HammerContinue Reading

Best Belly Fat Burners for Men Involves a Multi Angle Array of Attack for Helping Combat Modern Belly Fat and Pot Belly Here are 2 plans of attack: The KETO Attack – in this case use a keto diet by focusing on 80% fats type of diet and Lois carbsContinue Reading

In order to boost immune system quickly we have discovered many things, techniques, strategies, protocols, systems over time and we have developed many strategies and protocols of our own that have proven to be highly effective. But for the sake of this quick blog post as pertains to supplements, understandContinue Reading

How To Prevent Colds & Flus? There Are Many Approaches But Ultimately You’re Going To Have To Keep Your  Body In A High Strength State Of Operation With Strong Immune System Levels – And To Do So, You Will Need Strategies And Tools To Get You There. And Speaking OfContinue Reading

Yes! Without Diet. Without Exercise. As Per clinical Studies Participants Lost  5 Pounds and 3.6% Body Fat Just taking only 500mg Berberine 3x/day. no dieting! no exercise! Do You Know How Hard it Is to Burn Off 3.6% Body Fat at the Gym?? Now how could berberine add to yourContinue Reading

Anti-Aging Collagen Supplement & Antiaging Tips Part of the problem with aging that causes the aged look is that our collagen matrix falls apart. If you really break it down people look old yes because of gray hair but also because their face looks baggy and you have the wrinklyContinue Reading

Blood sugar with natural supplementation can provide blood sugar digestion health boosters that can be easily underrated and overlooked.  They are not promoted by the mainstream popular health very often because blood sugar support herbs, natural nutrients can provide heavy competition.  You have to understand that through our human designContinue Reading

Best Herbs For Immune System There a lot of herbs are associated with maintaining the immune system for many different angles.  Here are some of the Best Herbs For Immune System for a starter list of what we would take if we fill in immune system “dip” or were “underContinue Reading

Well, since you’re looking for appetite suppressant supplements let’s talk about that. There are many supplements associated with the suppressing and the appetite. And we like the natural approach for appetite suppressant supplements and appetite changing supplements! Wait a minute there two types of supplements that deal with appetite? Yes!Continue Reading

  Anxious times require extra nutrients for helping battle anxiety issues. Speaking from experience, if anxiety issues are not brought into control they go out of control!  And from my experience, if one is not aggressive at repairing anxiety issues then they just get worse, causing even panic attacks andContinue Reading

Best supplements for sleep to help you fall asleep more easily and you can sleep faster while you sleep? – An interesting concept has been brought up with the concept of “sleeping faster” . Now this is an interesting concept especially for those who are productivity minded and looking toContinue Reading

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Anxiety issues can be mitigated, zapped nutritionally… A lot of people these days suffer from a variety, even a vast spectrum of nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to poor mental and emotional states, as well as anxiety issues. Yet they don’t think so because popular health doesn’t know or tellContinue Reading

Here Are the Best Collagen Supplements in Our Opinion …Why? Because firstly, supplementing with collagen powder is where you out the scoop out the powder and drink down the powder one way or another is kind of cumbersome, gross and disturbing to many people. Of course you can mix itContinue Reading

Now here’s an interesting side benefit of African mango supplementation in terms of liver health support. One of the things we like about natural foods in natural supplements is that there are usually very compatible with the body, harmonious with the body. You know when you use isolative chemistry youContinue Reading

Researchers are finding out with studies such as Ashwagandha for Parkinson’s what more successful health care professionals already know – but the question is, is anyone, including yourself going to do anything about it? Ashwagandha as a prevention method habit? From the National Institute on Aging regarding what is Parkinson’sContinue Reading

The best immune supplement formula? We would say that one that would quickly give you broad-spectrum immune boost and do so quickly, one that you can feel right away. We’ve been experimenting with immune boosting supplements over the decades. And what we found is that there are certain ingredients thatContinue Reading

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If you are looking for a Top Collagen Supplement then we have something for you ! Collagen powder from a scoop  makes a mess and messes up a shake so why not just use  capsules instead? In fact most collagen powders only have one or two collagen types. We haveContinue Reading

Mulberry leaf is a traditional herbal substance that has been used for a long time to help boost health of an individual. There’s a compound in mulberry leaf called DNJ for short, which prevents absorption of carbs in your gut. So therefore, mulberry leaf is associated with being a carbohydrateContinue Reading

It is just way too easy to eat too many carbohydrates which consequently turn into sugar which ultimately can easily turn into excess body fat while creating a host of other problems in the body that makes us fat and fatter. Nothing makes me fatter than carbohydrates particularly wrong formContinue Reading

Not many people seem to be talking about saffron is a health supplement the saffron is a powerful health supplement in league with turmeric, Ginger and berberine.  Saffron supplementation has become become a secret weapon for us. We use saffron supplementation as a health habit and the benefits perceived haveContinue Reading

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Yes biotin is involved in the blood sugar process. Different studies have shown that by Biotin supplementation in combination with other nutrients especially can help with blood sugar digestion, blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes etc. Biotin is an essential vitamin and if we do not haveContinue Reading

If you’re looking for a powerful instinct quick fix solution type of best weight loss pill then you may want to look at these Velocity INCINERATOR fat burner pills. Why? Well they give you a lot of energy and they will give you appetite and cravings reduction. So for exampleContinue Reading

So many people ignore the health of their brain. And they simply lack knowledge and understanding of what is needed for optimal brain health. In order to maximize brain health we have to identify the bad things to stop doing in and we have to identify the good things toContinue Reading

Berberine Is Associated With Many  Many Positive Health Benefits But It Is Particularly Fitting Modern Times. We are looking for these powerful natural supplements like Berberine that can bring highly beneficial health benefits whereas we just take a daily dose in order to take advantage of these help boosting propertiesContinue Reading

“Medically proven weight loss supplements” is in oxymoronic term. How so? Well firstly the medical industry doesn’t use supplements.  It’s not part of their protocol nor is nutritional supplementation part of their education.   They are required to give you chemical based drugs.  The medical approach isn’t for curing a problemContinue Reading