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Some Science of Anti Viral and Anti Blood Clotting Suramin, Shikimic Acid – from Pine Needles, Pine Needle Tea

Anti Viral and Anti Blood Clotting Suramin, Shikimic Acid – from Pine Needles, Pine Needle Tea is Being Reported as the Antidote that Those “in the Know” Are Using to Prevent Viral Spreads Problems Caused By Direct Injection of Such Viruses and Monster Maker Tech and the Shedding of those Viruses

Some define viruses as 1. a poison  2. destroyed cell particles, proteins after a cell breaks down to which the immune system reacts to and goes to clean up, to eat up and break down for “spare parts” or excreted as waste through the lymph, sweat, lungs, and other forms of elimination. 

Others call viruses evil parasitic bugs that invade one’s cell to insert RNA or DNA into your cell sequence, to then take over that cell and turn it into a zombie, a cell of a different kind – to which you immune system reacts to for battle.

Yet others have said that viruses are automatic protein messengers that are waiting for cell weakness to kick in when a cell becomes weak, when there is a back load of cellular debris, cellular waste, when there is a toxic climate in the body, order to help break down cells to remove the weak and dead cells from the body. So as in nature the strong survive and the weak perish.

Your body is said to have naturally and at all times a “Virome” of 380 TRILLION viruses.  These are the viruses that belong in the body and are said to help body function.   Others make the argument that all viruses are just cellular shrapnel, left over proteins of a dead cell.

If you are injected or pick up through breathing, gaps in the skin, viruses that should not be in your body, that are not part of your virome, then  your immune system will react and you will have symptoms.  If your body is so clogged up, so toxified already, so over loaded with clogs of various kinds, particularly lymphatically, so over loaded by negative frequency things, from technology, thoughts or emotions…. the reaction to the poison, the virus may end up choking you from the insides making you severely sick or terminated.

Here are some interesting videos below in regard to the new herbal discoveries of the Anti Viral and Anti Blood Clotting Suramin, Shikimic Acid properties and how natural remedies are made from pine needles and other common nutrients.