How to Have a Flat Belly

V.LEAN Review Adventure Part 1

So I decided to try this weight loss supplement called V.LEAN (kinda like “be lean” but “V” stands for “Velocity” and Velocity LEAN sounds good to me -sounds like ‘lose weight faster”). 

Why?  because the formula looks really unique and different and it makes a lot of sense in terms of helping get rid of stubborn belly fat according to the ingredients and the explanation and the clinical studies. So I figured I’d post about it.  I figured I’d post my daily experience with it because that can be a value to you .  Why? You can get a first hand review, from my daily personal experience of V.LEAN  is that I go from day to day what’s going on with me with the (I’ll put the link:  V.LEAN weight loss supplement.

Now as of this typing I’ve already been a few days in using it which is what inspired me to do this series review idea because hey if something is actually working then I bet you want to know especially with a weight loss supplement.

First of all my initial reaction was that the bottle looks good and professional and the supplement is well explained on page and the bottle itself. The ingredients are also associated directly with clinical studies so that makes me feel better. That should probably make you feel better too. Also it’s made in the USA in a FDA-registered facility it also has GMP certification as well and they get their supplements third party verified so that the ingredients match what’s on the bottle.

So serving size says two capsules so what did I do? I took one! It’s always smarter to start small. So I took one and had a decent amount of water to follow if I had to guess I would say maybe a cup and a half worth? I took this in the morning time without having eaten anything. 

So what happened??

It felt good! They had this nice warm glowing buzz to it like a natural Buzz to but with some zing and like feelings of warm friendly loving frequencies as strange as that may sound. I’m trying to describe the feeling to you in words which is a bit challenging but just understand that my body appreciated the one capsule I took.

So what’s in it again? African mango, green tea extra, extra caffeine, apple cider vinegar powder, kelp powder, grape seed extract and raspberry ketones. The African Mango is the priority with about 300 mg.

Okay so what about weight loss? Well right off the bat I noticed that certain types of hunger pangs just kind of disappeared. I was like, “wait what”? “This is pretty neat! ” So about six hours later I took the second pill. And it felt good to!

And for the rest of the day my hunger went down quite a bit except when my body reached a point where my physical body needed certain nutrients. What was very interesting was that  my body started craving only good foods like fruits vegetables ancient grains. And it really didn’t want, body didn’t want any sugar whatsoever. Even this brand new fancy cake some relatives brought over (and I’ve historically had a sweet tooth.)  But just looking at the cake kinda made me feel disgusted at it – and that was a HUGE difference vs just hmm a day ago. 

I did now want any wheat.  It started to seem disgusting too. Also it didn’t want any chips that had junkie oils in it. My body seemed to want some nuts and hemp seeds. My body preferred plant-based protein over whey protein powder which I take nowadays only at a bare minimum just to meet extra muscle recuperation needs.

So that was my first day reaction. Tune for the rest and we’ll see if I make weight loss progress!

I should probably also give you the perspective of the fat I’m looking to lose: I’ve had some stubborn belly fat mostly out of laziness but I built it up out of taking on some extra work and by eating convenient foods like protein bars. Also I did a lot of overeating in a session because I didn’t want to be bothered by eating later so I tried to eat a lot at once. On that note I hear sumo wrestlers get super fat by over eating only once a day. Oops…

So I did not have a flat belly when I started.  When I bend over I can grab a full a handful of belly fat, and I have big hands (can palm a basketball). I had an inch of thick belly fat on top of my abs. Also I still have some fat in my face that I left there and I still have a little bit of man boob fat under the armpits and in the chest area that I’ll just blame on computers. 🙂 So that’s the picture of where I’m starting.  I’m not posting photos because of online dating concerns. lol “hey weren’t you that sloppy looking guy on that one website before? eewwww’ lol